Vivid Voltage Booster Availability

Vivid Voltage UPDATE

Hey Everyone - We have finally received news from our Distributor in regards to Vivid Voltage Booster boxes, which is a great thing.

They have confirmed that a large stock shipment will arrive this week and we will see our stock arrive late Friday / early Monday next week ! This is absolutely great news, but unfortunately this will be a split-shipment of our total order due to production constraints at Pokemon.

If you have not seen the statement, please see official announcement from Pokemon:…/360056644571-Update-on-Pok%C3…

We have reviewed all our open orders and can confirm that orders received up-till 21st January 2021 will be fulfilled in this shipment. These orders will be pushed out as quickly as we can, so that you can finally get your product !

For everyone that has made an order after this date, your order will be fulfilled in the next stock shipment (currently looking at March 2021).

I have already emailed every single person that this has affected.

We are also receiving a lot of messages about wanting to order more. We have a lot on order, but with the current supply constraints from Pokemon, we are currently un-certain when this stock will arrive. But as soon as we do, we will open up them for ordering.

Thank you to everyone for your patience in this matter !


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