CM Rewards - Our Customer Loyalty Program

Hi All - Just a reminder to everyone about CM Rewards, our customer loyalty program.

This is just a little THANK YOU to our amazing customers, like you!

Now when you spend at Collectible Madness, you will be rewarded with Points. For each dollar spent , you will be rewarded 1 Point.

You will also be rewarded points for:

  • Account Creation
  • Make an Order
  • Like our Facebook Page
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Refer a Friend
  • Review a Product

We will continue to add new options down.

When your points reach certain milestones, you will be given different reward options. These options can be used towards new orders with Collectible Madness

CM Reward Options

Points cannot be transferred or redeemed for anything else than stated above.


With any orders that are placed now, you will be automatically accumulating points. We have also looked at all your past transactions and converted them into points and added them to your account.

Account details will be your First and Last Name, plus email address used.

How to Access Details

We have created a Link in our Top of Screen Menu list, named CM Rewards.

If you have an account setup, it will show you how many points you have accumulated, what rewards are on offer, what are the terms of each Reward and what different ways you can earn Points. 

If you have not setup an account, you can by entering your details, email address and password. All points associated with your details will come across (ensure you use the details as per the orders you have raised)


How to Claim Rewards

When you click into your account using the link in the top menu, named CM Rewards, you will see the below:

If you click redeem, you will be provided a coupon code that can be used on your next order, this will also be emailed to you. 

Once Points are Redeemed

When you have redeemed your points, your Points account will credited by the amount you have already redeemed. 

 Points will not expire and will be made available until you redeem them.

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Marcin Krakus

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