Unified Minds - HUGE GIVEAWAY !!!

Hey Everyone - Yep its that time again ! With the New Expansion for Sun & Moon hitting our Stores 02-08-19, we are doing another GIVEAWAY......

With Every Order over $50.00 that includes at least 1 (ONE) Unified Minds product, you will be automatically included in the draw.

This Giveaway will include:

  1. 1x Booster Box
  2. 1x Elite Trainer Box
  3. 2x 3-Pack Blister
  4. 2x Theme Decks
  5. 2x Checklane Blisters
  6. 1x Album

Unified Minds Giveaway

That's right all the above will be given away to one lucky winner ! Well over $300 RRP

So for any order that has been already received prior to this announcement, your order has automatically been entered into the draw (as long as the above criteria is met).

Last chance to enter into the draw will be the 11:59pm 29-07-19

The winner will be notified on the 30th July 2019 LIVE on our Facebook page.


  • I just started collecting and my collection isn’t much and if you cj choose me that would me a lot and boost my collection thanks

    Ravi Goswami-Yam
  • I love pokemon cards and yous are great

    Sharon Martina HIGGINS
  • So keen!

    Josh Lynagh
  • Does this include preorders on the eBay store?

    Matt H
  • Hell keen. Hopefully I got this

    Blake Mcintyre

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