Team Up - GiveAway


Hey Everyone - With the New Expansion for Sun & Moon hitting our Stores 01-02-19, we are doing another GIVEAWAY......

With Every Order over $50.00 that includes at least 1 (ONE) Team Up product, you will be automatically included in the draw.

This Giveaway will include:

  1. 1x Booster Box
  2. 1x Elite Trainer Box
  3. 2x 3-Pack Blister
  4. 2x Theme Decks
  5. 1x Album

That's right all the above will be given away to one lucky winner ! Well over $300 RRP

So for any order that has been already received prior to this announcement, your order has automatically been entered into the draw (as long as the above criteria is met).

Last chance to enter into the draw will be the 11:59pm 28-01-19

The winner will be notified on the 29th January 2019 LIVE on our Facebook page.

Sun & Moon: Tag Team

Pokémon pair up for unprecedented power in new TAG TEAM cards coming to the Pokémon TCG! With enormous HP and huge attacks, these Pokémon duos are ready to go the distance in any big battle. Plus, every TAG TEAM is a Pokémon-GX, so they all have an awesome GX attack. Protect them at all costs, because when your TAG TEAM is Knocked Out, your opponent takes three Prize cards!


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