Sword & Shield - HUGE GIVEAWAY !!!


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Sword & Shield GIVEAWAY


Hey Everyone - Yep here we go again !

The Sun & Moon era is now over and Sword & Shield is coming....

With Sword & Shield hitting our Stores 07-Feb-20, we are doing another HUGE GIVEAWAY......

With Every Order over $50.00 that includes at least 1 (ONE) Sword & Shield product, you will be automatically included in the draw.

This Giveaway will include:

1x Booster Box
2x Elite Trainer Box (Both Versions)
2x 3-Pack Blister
3x Theme Decks
2x Checklane Blisters
1x Album

That's right all the above will be given away to one lucky winner ! Well over $300 RRP

So for any order that has been already received prior to this announcement, your order has automatically been entered into the draw (as long as the above criteria is met).

Last chance to enter into the draw will be the 11:59pm 07-02-20

The winner will be notified on the 9th February 2020 LIVE on our Facebook page.


  • Ilovethegames

  • I think you are great you gave unlistedleaf poke balls and I think you should keep up the good work. :)

  • Hey there my name is Gypsy and i would REALLY love to win the give away because I don’t really get much Pokémon cards because my mum can’t afford it i have always dreamed to have a booster box but I cannot afford one

    Gypsy Defina

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