Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest - RELEASE UDPATE
Updated: 09-11-2022

Hey Everyone - Unfortunately we have been placed into a position to inform you of delays with Pokemon Silver Tempest.

As already informed the release date in Australia was moved to the 18th November 2022.

Now we have been informed that the Booster Boxes will be coming in two waves. This situation has an affect on ALL retailers !
Wave 1 shipment is still on schedule for the 18th November 2022 and Wave 2 will be following at the end of November 2022.
**Update: Wave 1 release will be for all orders received up till the 24th October 2022. Wave 2 will be for all orders received from the 25th October 2022
We are extremely frustrated with this situation especially receiving an email from the Distributor today (9th November 2022) @ 5pm and only a week away from release. So we will completely understand your frustration.
Based on this information we will be reviewing all open orders and for any order that cannot be supplied in the Wave 1 shipment we will be emailing you directly within the next few days. Please bear with us as we work through this situation.
I do wish to clarify that we are not allocated in anyway and all orders will be fulfilled and we still have availability.
Again we appreciate everyones support and we will do our upmost to get these orders out as quickly as possible.
For further transparency the below is the statement from the supplier:
"This email is to inform you that due to an unforeseen shipping delay, the Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield 12 – Silver Tempest Boosters will be arriving to us as a split shipment as a container has been held up in transit (other Silver Tempest lines are unaffected).
What this means, is that you will receive part of your ordered quantity for release and any remaining units a couple of weeks later with the second delayed shipment expected towards the end of this month.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused"
Silver tempest

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