Shining Fates

Hey Everyone - Exciting news from Pokemon !!! 


We can now confirm that Expansion 4.5 will be named Shining Fates ! And this special set will start to release in February 2021.

Like with all modern mini expansions, this set most likely will be heavily allocated. As of this post, we have not released PREORDER's yet, as we are awaiting confirmation from our Distributor what our allocation will be. So stay tuned !

We will however make this available at the beginning exclusively on our APP. So dont forget to download today and await the notification !

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So check out the products below:

Shining Fates - ETB


Shining Fates - Pikachu V 

Shining Fates - Premium Collection

Shining Fates - Tins

Shining Fates - Pins

Shining Fates - Mini Tins



Shining fates

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