Pokemon Product Delays

Hey Everyone - Another continued update on Pokémon Product releases and ETA updates:

Update on Current | New delayed Products:

  • Alazakam V Box - Were expected to arrive today, but now planned to come in tomorrow.
  • Venusaur V & Blastoise V Battle Decks - These have now been pushed until the end of February
  • Zacian & Zamazenta ETB Plus - Still currently planned to land on the 25th Feb

Vivid Voltage Booster Box Update

These are becoming very difficult to lock down any numbers or dates from our Distributor. We are discussing with them nearly on a daily basis to receive some form of concrete information to provide to everyone.

To date, we still do not have a firm ETA. We have been informed that these will be expedited via Air Freight to reduce any further delays.

We do have confirmation that our stock allocation will be fulfilled, we are just waiting on concrete information (Qty per date) and then we will update everyone.

We honestly appreciate everyone's patience, but as always as soon as stock arrives we will be immediately preparing your open orders and pushing them out.


Product update

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