IMPORTANT NOTICE! Updated Release Date for Pokémon TCG Evolving Skies

Pokemon Evolving Skies
Important Release Information Update

Hey Everyone - Update today for the new release | Evolving Skies…

We have been advised officially from the Distributor that there has been a change in the Offical Release Date in Australia.

Original Release date was the 28th August 2021, below are the new dates:

  1. Booster Boxes and Packs | 10th September 2021
  2. Elite Trainers and 3-Pack Blisters | 17th September 2021
  3. Mini Albums | 1st October 2021

Split Shipments are available upon request if required.

When further information is made available about release schedules or delays we will ensure to keep everyone up to date as soon as possible.

Again thank you for your patience !

Best Regards
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