Pokemon PREORDER Release Date UPDATE

Hey Everyone - We have been working with the Pokemon National Distributor on updated release dates for the latest releases here in Australia.

We have been informed that there have been delay’s in the USA due to the latest storms that hit. This has delayed some of the Dragon Majesty latest releases. Effective Products we currently know details on are:
  1. Dragon Majesty - Super Premium Collections - Latest ETA Last week October / First Week November
  2. Dragon Majesty - Dragon Majesty Figure Collection - Ultra Necrozma- GX - Latest ETA Last week October / Frist Week November
  3. Dragon Majesty - Legends of Unova Premium GX - Latest ETA Last week October / Frist Week November

As soon as we receive these items we will immediately dispatch your orders.

We are very sorry for these delays, but unfortunately this is not in our control and it has effected all Retailers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

0423 116 006

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