Detective Pikachu TCG - GIVEAWAY TIME !!!


Hey Everyone - To celebrate the upcoming New Release: Detective Pikachu TCG we are doing another GIVEAWAY..... But this time we are doing 2, that's correct 2.

To enter these GIVEAWAYS all that is required is to place an order with us that includes at least 1x Detective Pikachu TCG product and you are in the running to WIN. 

Competition will close on the 06-04-19 and the winners announced on the 07-04-19. These dates might change depending on the exact release date, but we will keep everyone updated.

Winners will be announced LIVE on our Facebook page !

Everyone who has already placed an order for a Detective Pikachu TCG product is already entered. But you can enter multiple times just by placing multiple orders, no limit ! 

Okay the first GIVEAWAY will be Detective Pikachu Charizard-GX Special Case File

Detective Pikachu Charizard-GX Special Case File GIVEAWAY

Once the winner has been announced for the above, we will get onto GIVEAWAY 2, which will be Detective Pikachu Greninja-GX Case File

Detective Pikachu Greninja-GX Case File GIVEAWAY






just placed my order so hopefully it still counts :)

Justin Oostenbroek

Justin Oostenbroek

Loving the unique artwork in this set as well as the fact that a complete set isn’t 200+ cards… a refreshing change!

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