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Hey Everyone - Below update is in reference to the upcoming Pokemon Main Set - Chilling Reign.

After much discussions and working with the Distributor, we have been able to get them to confirm our numbers today !

We have definitely taken a different approach to Chilling Reign due to production and logistics constraints which have affected our orders from previous sets and its worked !

Chilling Reign yet again is an allocated set release, but based on our confirmed allocation we can advise that all orders received or to be received by us will be fulfilled for release.

As we have seen in previous sets, there will be different release dates for products as this is due to logistics delays into Australia:

  • Booster Boxes will be made available for the 18th June release date
  • Elite Trainer Boxes have an embargo and release date of the 2nd July
  • Build and Battle Boxes have a release date of the 2nd July
  • 3-Pack Blisters and Albums have a release date of the 15th July

We will continue to update everyone on other Pokemon TCG product release dates or if any changes to Chilling Reign occur.

Best Regards

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