Brilliant Stars - Dispatch Update

Brilliant Stars Dispatch Update

Updated 28-02-22

Brilliant Stars Dispatch Update

Hey Everyone - We have finally started to receive our stock order today.

We have already been able to push out a lot of orders to leave on today's truck. But unfortunately we were not able to complete all orders.

We are now working on all remainder orders to get them out as quickly as possible.

Again we are very sorry for this delays



Updated 24-02-22

Brilliant Stars Dispatch Further Update

Hey Everyone - We have been in constant contact with the Distributor with regards to these delays with Brilliant Stars.

To keep with open transparency we have received correspondence from the CEO of Banter (Distributor) informing of further changes to the situation. Below is the statement:

(Start of Statement)
Dear Customer,

Banter Toys has just been made aware that we've been impacted in a big way by COVID-19.

Our freight partners have not been able to find sufficient drivers to deliver our current release of Pokemon in time for the release date.

Unfortunately it's too late in the process to move the release date back.

Our freight partners advise they are delivering stock as fast as resources allow. All stock will have exited our warehouse by this Friday.
(End of Statement)

I am extremely sorry to everyone for this situation as we are aware of how important it is to everyone to receive stock on-time.

We are continuing to monitor this situation and as soon as our stock has been received we will be working non-stop to push them out quickly.



Updated 22-02-2022

Hey Everyone - With Brilliant Stars releasing this Friday we have just received information directly from our Distributor today (22nd February) that stock has been delayed by a couple days.

There has been no offical change in release date, but instead has put huge pressure on retailers to get out orders on-time. 

Unfortunately due to this delay, our order will only be dispatched by the distributor this week Thursday and we will be monitoring it very closely to try and have it received by us on the Friday.

If there are any further delays in logistics we will inform everyone immediately. 

It will be extremely unlikely that anyone will receive their order on release date but of course as soon as stock is received we will be working non-stop to get out your orders as soon as possible.

We are yet again very sorry to announce such delays and completely understand your frustration as we are also extremely upset by this situation (especially only being informed on the Tuesday prior to the Friday release).

Just on another note we will be receiving Booster Boxes and ETB’s at the same time (which has not occurred for any set in a very long time)

Brilliant stars

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